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Day 3 - Phantasialand!

So there was a lot of excitement this morning as we headed down for breakfast, as today we were venturing out to Phantasialand! Lunches were made (with a lot less grumbling) and we boarded the coach with a definite air of excitement. We arrived in good time and very quickly set up base in a café before unleashing the Claires court pupils on the park. I think it is safe to say that everyone had a fantastic time with people over coming fears and others just giving rides a go that they normally wouldn’t. 

However two pupils have seriously blotted their copy books…..James suggested that Mr Ellis go on the rapids, which seemed very harmless, however following the relatively relaxing ride one drop resulted in both Mr Ellis and James being absolutely soaked! The second pupil was Charlie who recommended the ghost house ride saying it was “amazing and really scary”……Well I think it is safe to say that Mr Ellis had a chance to catch up on any lost sleep. James and Charlie, Watch out!

Mr Ellis was also the brunt of many of the pupils’ jokes following a go on a ride he particularly did not want to go on. However he took his man up pills and went on. Apparently all Ed, and Cameron could hear, as onlookers, was Mr Ellis screaming like a girl. After the ride Toby, Georgina and Flora who had sat around Mr Ellis asked him how it was, to which he replied “In no way is that fun! Why do….how do people enjoy that?”. However he did then go on it again!

Pupils are given a phrase of the day, and today Zac did very well and used the phrase “Where is the toilet?” He used his best German and to his surprise the Passer-by understood and even answered pointing in the direct of the toilet……Albeit the disabled toilet.

Ed and Cameron were extremely embarrassed when a golden dragon harassed them and asked them to audition for the German Xfactor. The only issue was that they had to sing the German alphabet!

Our year 10 girls were also very brave and they attempted to strike up conversation with a group of German school children….However something they said wasn’t translated very well and the German children were scared off!

After dinner we all met and watched the trailer for the German trip DVD which Frau Ing has been working on so busily. We also looked through the pictures so far, some great pictures and so many very funny stories already!

Students were then encouraged to write their diaries and then it was off to bed ready for another busy day tomorrow, where we aer off to cologne.