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Day 5 - The Final Day.....

Well we’re all home safe and sound what a trip we have had! It’s hard to believe that we have only been here since Saturday. We have been to so many places and had so many great experiences. The pupils have all behaved admirably and they have all spoken to German in many situations as well as enjoying German culture. It truly has been a privilege to be part of this trip.

Below you can find a list of fun awards that have been given to our tourists. For further details on each award you will need to ask the winners.
Lizzy – “Wardobe Award”
Will – “WC Lock –in Award”
Sam – “Multimedia Award”
Charlie and Zac –  “Young Love Award”
Ed – “Key Drop Award”
Finnley, Daisy, Annie, Laura, Hifsah, Livvy, Connie –“Stair Master Award”
Matt  –“Money Bags Award”
Mike  – “Addicted Award”
Roachy – “Wet Fish Award”
Georgina – “Charity Award”
Kyle –“Charity Award Runner-up”
Billy – “Model Award”
Flora – “Clock Master Award”
Ollie - “Smiler Award”
Toby – “Tol Can Award”
Ben – “Cassanova Award”
Millie – “See-Saw Award”
Cameron – “Tourist Award”