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Day 1 - Bed making and a false start....

So we have arrived safe and sound in the beautiful city of Cologne! The trip departed in good time and we set off full of ‘excitement’ and ‘enthusiasm’. However, this turned out to be a false start as Frau Ing realised her Breakfast was still in Frau Denton’s car so back to The College we went.  The newly restarted coach trip was as smooth as we could’ve hoped for, with a good selection of DVDs on show, the time flew by. Before we knew it we had disembarked the Eurotunnel, crossed France and were sailing through Belgium. After a couple of comfort stops we got our first glimpse of the Cologne Cathedral and the Rhine, it was definitely a very welcome site and a fantastic first glimpse of the amazing city. 

At the Hostel we filtered off to our rooms and the first of the challenges began……the students all had to make their own beds! Differentiating between sheets and duvet covers did pose a bit of an issue for some (Ben and Millie), but we got there in the end. We also had a mix up on a bag mix up (not a typo!), Lizzie had clearly not packed her own bag, claiming that a boy must have picked up her bag as the one she had was full of boys clothes. However, upon further inspection we found that it was her case as a boy’s suitcase probably wouldn’t have contained flowery jeans!

It was soon dinner time and everybody met in the dining room for our first experience of German cuisine. Well done to Zac who was the only student who tried the German option, everyone else played it safe the pasta and sauce.

Following dinner, we headed off for a walk around the local park and around the Rhine. Some very weary bodies are now ready for bed looking forward to the first full day of exploration and activities. The pupils are looking a little jaded too.

Roll on tomorrow!