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Day 2 - Stadiums, castles, bowling and subway.....

So the morning begun in much the same way as the one before, sleepy eyes and little communication, aside from the odd grunt. Much the same as I am sure you are greeted with most mornings! However as the breakfast was shovelled in we were surprised with the transformation into enthusiastic vibrant young people we know and love. Following breakfast we made our packed lunches (although some members of the party found making their own a daunting task) and met  boarded the coach bound for FC Köln. 

On the tour we heard about the history of the club, saw the dressing rooms, heard the story of Hennes,  the FC  Köln mascot, tested out the ground’s acoustics and even sat in the same seats as Roman Abramovich.  However, a particular highlight was the chance to witness Ed giving a post match interview with Connie….(this will certainly make the final cut on the dvd).

We then boarded the bus and headed to Koblenz where a ferry awaited. However, the German Autobahn  had other plans, and decided to make us feel at home by providing a traffic jam. This left us with very little time to get to the jetty, pay for tickets and get onto the boat. Never  fear, Frau Ing and Frau Denton somehow managed to stall the boat while Mr Ellis and the students ran half way across town and boarded the boat in a James Bond style.

The rush was well worth it! The views up the Rhine were amazing, rolling hills, the shades of Autumn colouring the trees, and elegant buildings giving way to rustic castles. However, the students decided that the view within subway was more appealing. In the 30 minute journey they literally ate it out of stock. When we left it had nothing left……nothing! An achievement worthy of man vs food!

We were then dropped in Braubach where we travelled up to Marksburg castle. A beautiful building which had never been rebuilt and sat high up on the top of a hill overlooking the Rhine Valley. Here we took a guided tour and enjoyed some free time before heading back to the hotel for dinner. It was very pleasing to see pretty much all the students eating the German option, and I’d even go so far as to say that Hähnchenschnitzel was a definite hit!

It was then time for the evening entertainment and for this we headed to the local bowling alley. Many a strike and spare were had as well as the odd gutter ball. Finlay also deemed it necessary to steal Mr Ellis’ go while he was helping an innocent passer-by. Needless tosay Finlay found the rest of the game very difficult and often scored 0.

We returned to the hotel after a very busy yet enjoyable day and once again excited for what Monday will have in stall!